December 23, 2013

Pure Luxury: Fortnum & Mason at Christmas

Join me for shopping & afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason with this little blog tour :)
 The heavenly Georgian building all decorated for Christmas awaits -- the same facade taken in by the Queen, Duchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Cambridge when they visited and enjoyed tea earlier this year. 
 The famous clock told us we had one hour to shop before our reservation for tea in the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon. 
The windows were splendid ... cherubs and scenes from traditional Christmases past...
 Oh and inside...pure Christmas luxury. 
 It was very, VERY crowded so many of my photos were taken hastily when the floor cleared for a second! 

 There are seemingly endless floors of beautiful things; this floor, selling candles seemed the perfect place to find a treat for Grandma Cozy... and little did we know, but F&M had its start in candle making!

 Grandma got the pretty gold toile with black tassel candle, which I can report she loved.
 Then, thoroughly jostled and laden with shopping bags, my friend and I went upstairs to the tea salon ... a picture of calm and order...ahhh.
They took our bags and coats for us and oh how we loved them for it :)
The Queen formally opened this salon during the aforementioned visit, completely redecorated from the last time my friend and I visited; we liked the new color scheme, but lamented the loss of the cozy sofas...
...but cheered lovely cakes under big domes (yah Battenburg!) 
 We sat for hours nattering away... the two of us have toddlers, so the calm and pampering of the excellent staff was especially appreciated!

 On our way out, we had 30 more minutes to shop, which we did swiftly!
 So pretty ... do we have to leave?
Alas, the store closed for the night, and so ladened were we with shopping bags, a cab was required home! :)

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  1. That afternoon tea looks delicious! I'll be popping my post up about Fortnums in a few hours after my trip yesterday.

    Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family